"बातचीत".... यू तो शब्द ही है, पर की जाए तो... दिलो के कई मैल धुल जाते हैं !! Communication…It’s merely a word. But when put into action, it can wash away so much negativity from the heart. When I received this message this morning, I was full of thoughts and emotions. बातचीत or communication. Isn’t... Continue Reading →


Welcoming Spring into Our Life

Spring!! Just the word evokes images of fresh green leaves and flowers everywhere. There is a newness to everything. Is it any wonder that many ancient cultures celebrate the new year around the spring equinox? As the season moves from the cold dreary winters to the warm sunshine of spring, there is a sense of... Continue Reading →

Stuck in the wrong lane

As I was driving to a meeting yesterday, I found myself stuck behind slow moving vehicles while the lane to the left seemed to be moving smoothly. It gave me an opportunity to really take a look at myself. How was I feeling? Frustrated. Foolish. Impatient. Frustrated and impatient because I felt restricted. But I... Continue Reading →

Giving a space to BE…

When you say "I heard you".....did you just hear or did you listen? When you say "I got your point".....did you just get it or did you understand? Often times, we think that if a person has come to us and is complaining, they want a solution. And then, instead of listening, we just start... Continue Reading →


Today a video of kids wanting to make a ‘killa’ (fort) was doing the rounds and it brought back memories of childhood. For those who wonder what I am talking about, making a killa, a miniature mud fort, was (and I hope still is in many homes) an intrinsic part of the Deepavali festivities in... Continue Reading →

Everyone teaches us…

Some thoughts running in my mind today.... When we say 'Teacher', most of us have the classic image of the women and men who teach children in schools. But as we grow older, we realise that all through life, we meet people who teach us the more important life lessons. The people who love us,... Continue Reading →

Fences and Boundaries

Boundaries… Fences… Walls...  Things that hold us back. Have you ever experienced a feeling of being fenced in? Restricted? As having limitations? A feeling that somewhere beyond those fences and boundaries is a You that you want to find? Recently at a workshop, a teacher asked, What stops you from doing what you want to... Continue Reading →

Kapus Kondyachi Goshta and other memories

Silly Sunday chat with my buddy…. Me asking questions….chombdepana, as it often gets called. And suddenly he switches to “Kapus kondyachi goshta saangu ka?” All Marathi speaking kids know exactly where that leads - endless rounds of “_ _ _ _ kay mhantes, kapus kondyachi goshta saangu ka?” You can laugh or groan, but you... Continue Reading →

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