Rediscovering yourself

Isn’t it strange how life always leads you to where you’re meant to be? Things that fascinated you as a child, in your early youth sometimes get left behind, forgotten as you grow older and get into the everyday race for college admissions, career, kids…..

Years may pass by and then somewhere later on in life, when the time is right, when you are ready…..all you need is a trigger to nudge you towards the person you might have been, towards the person you were meant to be. The mind recalls those old memories, relives the old days and you begin to wonder why you didn’t follow up on your interests.

And then starts the process of rediscovering yourself…..

Somehow everything leads you in that direction. You will find the right books that help in your self discovery. You will meet all the right people to take you along this journey. People who will guide you and make you think, nudge you gently and maybe walk a while with you.

Sometimes you may have known them for years, but its only when the time is right for you that you start connecting them on a different level. People you knew a long time ago but had lost touch with suddenly reappear. Things just seem to fall into place. And you start walking towards the you that you were meant to be.

Isn’t it strange how it all happens?!!


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