Best Friend

She’s that one person in the world with whom you can be your absolute true self. With whom you don’t have to put on any masks.

You speak with glances and laughter. She hears the unspoken because she knows what goes on in your heart.

She’s the one you share your dreams with, however farfetched they may seem. And she encourages you to go for them! She’s the one who allays your fears with the gentleness of her words.

She’s your shoulder to cry on when you are feeling low. She will be your punching bag when you are in a bad mood. And when you tell her to back off, she does. But never too far. Because she understands.

She fights with you. She argues with you. She points out your faults. She gives you that kick that you deserve sometimes. But she will always stand by you. And God forbid, if someone else says anything about you, she’ll pick up the boxing gloves and go at them.

She’s your mirror….showing you what you don’t see in yourself. She pushes you to be your best. She encourages you when you want to do something new. When you doubt yourself, you know she’s the one to turn to. She’ll be your rock when you need her.

When you are together, life is fun! You can be crazy and wierd around her, because its comfortable. And you know that you will never be misjudged.

She celebrates your successes and shares them with the world as if they were her own. And when the world doesn’t appreciate your worth, she’ll put her arm around your shoulders and say, “They’re dumb!”.

She listens to your inane chatter and laughs at your silly jokes. But her best moments will be when she’s sitting next to you in silence, sipping her cup of coffee watching the rain or the waves on the beach.

In the end, it all comes down to just one thing….you know you can count on her. And you know what…..?

She knows she can count on you too.


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