My Mother’s Day Moments

Come Mother’s Day and there is a flurry of activity in every home! “Oh we have to make Mom’s day special!”

Comes easier to the girls, I would say. There are flowers ‘n cards and breakfasts in bed and the social media pages are overrun by mushy messages of love!! Siiiigggh!

Us mothers of boys, especially teenage boys get a gruff “I love you, Mom” with a hug. Then again…..maybe not!!

But do I need Mother’s Day to be told how much my boys love and appreciate me?

I see it when my younger one calls me from hostel at the start of the new session and says, “My new bio teacher is just like you. She wants me to draw diagrams the way you used to tell me.” (Didn’t think he was listening!) I hear it in his voice when he responds to my “I love you” at the end of a call with a hurried and low “Love you too!” (probably after checking that there were no guys around). I love the way he never protests at the plans I have for him in his vacation.

It’s there when my elder one says he’s coming home for lunch on his birthday and tells me, “Make your chana and your green chicken!” Its there when he carries away my plate after dinner whenever he’s home.

And most of all, I see it when we have our discussions on crimes against women and attitudes towards women. My greatest appreciation came when my elder son said, “Ai, this is something you will never have to worry about. Your sons are decent men. You have brought us up well!”

These little moments are my Mother’s Day…..


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