Today a video of kids wanting to make a ‘killa’ (fort) was doing the rounds and it brought back memories of childhood. For those who wonder what I am talking about, making a killa, a miniature mud fort, was (and I hope still is in many homes) an intrinsic part of the Deepavali festivities in... Continue Reading →


Everyone teaches us…

Some thoughts running in my mind today.... When we say 'Teacher', most of us have the classic image of the women and men who teach children in schools. But as we grow older, we realise that all through life, we meet people who teach us the more important life lessons. The people who love us,... Continue Reading →

Fences and Boundaries

Boundaries… Fences… Walls...  Things that hold us back. Have you ever experienced a feeling of being fenced in? Restricted? As having limitations? A feeling that somewhere beyond those fences and boundaries is a You that you want to find? Recently at a workshop, a teacher asked, What stops you from doing what you want to... Continue Reading →

Kapus Kondyachi Goshta and other memories

Silly Sunday chat with my buddy…. Me asking questions….chombdepana, as it often gets called. And suddenly he switches to “Kapus kondyachi goshta saangu ka?” All Marathi speaking kids know exactly where that leads - endless rounds of “_ _ _ _ kay mhantes, kapus kondyachi goshta saangu ka?” You can laugh or groan, but you... Continue Reading →

Need or Want?

A conversation about needing and wanting people got me thinking.... A lot of us go through life needing someone at some stage. Why do we need people? Is it because there’s something that we lack in ourselves and they fill that gap? Once in a way may not be such a bad thing, but someone... Continue Reading →

Rediscovering yourself

Isn't it strange how life always leads you to where you're meant to be? Things that fascinated you as a child, in your early youth sometimes get left behind, forgotten as you grow older and get into the everyday race for college admissions, career, kids..... Years may pass by and then somewhere later on in... Continue Reading →

Best Friend

She's that one person in the world with whom you can be your absolute true self. With whom you don't have to put on any masks. You speak with glances and laughter. She hears the unspoken because she knows what goes on in your heart. She's the one you share your dreams with, however farfetched... Continue Reading →

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